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Revealing Arithmetic: Math Concepts From a Biblical Worldview by Katherine Loop

Revealing Arithmetic by Katherine Loop


From the Author:
Do you want to present math from a biblical perspective, but need ideas and a framework from which to start? Are you looking for fresh inspiration for your math class?

Building on the principles presented in Beyond Numbers, this manual will help you modify and “fill in the gaps” in your curriculum.
In Revealing Arithmetic, you’ll get ideas and inspiration to help you
■Reinforce a biblical worldview and worship the Lord in math.
■Teach your children to really understand concepts and think mathematically as opposed to merely memorizing mechanics.
■Transform everyday activities and objects into math lessons, teaching your child to use math as a real-life tool.
■Make and use an abacus in your teaching, as well as explore other historical methods and symbols that help children really view math as a tool and better understand our modern method.

In a day and age when God has been tragically left out of education this is a truly valuable resource that places God in His rightful place–not just as the focus–but as the SOURCE of all our numerical investigations. I refer to it often to keep us from getting bogged down in the daily grind of arithmetical calculations, formulas, rules, “curriculum,” etc.
– Deidra R., homeschool mom

■Usable with a variety of grades and learning styles – Concepts covered range from counting to exponents (view the Table of Contents), making it appropriate for supplementing a pre-K through about grade 6 curriculum. Since math builds on itself, students in even older grades can also use the book as a review to help them get a firm foundation for upper-level concepts. Because of the format and structure, you can easily take or modify the information for your particular child’s ability and interests.
■Includes examples of modifying a typical curriculum presentation – Each chapter (with the exception of counting) walks through modifying a typical curriculum presentation, illustrating ways you could modify your textbook to convey the principles and goals discussed.
■ Easy to use, with concepts nicely broken out by chapters and listed in an Index.

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Beyond Numbers: A Practical Guide to Teaching Math Biblically by Katherine Loop

Beyond Numbers by Katherine Loop

From the Author:

Learn how to see and teach math from a biblical worldview with this easy-to-read guidebook!

A great, general-purpose introduction for a typical parent.–James D. Nickel, author of Mathematics: Is God Silent?

■Concise enough to read in one sitting.
You won’t have to spend hours reading!
■Written by a homeschool graduate with the homeschool parent in mind.

■Written in every-day language.
This is one math book you don’t have to fear! In fact, you may find that it takes the fear out of math.
■Integratable with the curriculum of your choice
This book walks you through how to both select and modify a curriculum for your child. Includes reviews of a few common curriculums, and guidelines for finding a good math curriculum.

This Book Will Help You :
■Get invigorated about math as you see how math’s very existence reminds us of God’s faithfulness.
■Teach your child to view the world through a Christian perspective. You just may find that he is better able to understand and apply math. Things make so much more sense when we approach them correctly!

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